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Next Auckland Seminar

Next Auckland Seminar

Title: Panel on Commerce Commission's New Market Studies Power: How Should It (Not) be Used?

Panellists: Donal Curtin, Peter Wilson, Glenn Shewan and Chris Bowden.


3 July 2018: Anderson Creagh Lai, Level 1, 110 Customs Street West, Auckland
Event start: 5:30pm for refreshments and seminar from 6:00pm

Panellist details:

Panellists include very experienced economists and lawyers offering different perspectives on the proposed new power:

Donal Curtin

Donal is a former member of the Commerce Commission, and Managing Director of Economics New Zealand Ltd - a consultancy focussed on competition, regulation, and financial markets.

Peter Wilson

Peter is Principal Economist and Head of Auckland Business for NZIER. He has over 30 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, including time as a senior policy manager, economic adviser and commercial strategist. Peter was a co-author of MBIE's 2017 study into the reasonableness of pricing in the New Zealand fuel industry.

Glenn Shewan

Glenn is a specialist competition and regulatory lawyer at Bell Gully.  He has over 15 years’ experience advising on major behavioural and M&A matters in New Zealand, Australia and the UK/EU.

Chris Bowden

Chris is a Senior Legal Counsel at Air New Zealand, advising primarily on competition and regulatory matters. Before working at Air New Zealand, he worked as a competition lawyer in both private practice and the public sector. Chris was part of the UK Competition Commission’s Groceries Market Investigation team.

Panel topic:

The Government recently introduced a Bill to empower the Commerce Commission to undertake market studies into any factors that may affect competition for the supply or acquisition of goods or services. The Panel will discuss how this proposed new power might develop in practice, including such questions as:

  • How can the Commission determine its choice of markets to study and process of study so as to have the maximum beneficial effect on competition in the New Zealand economy?

  • How might the exercise of the power give consumers confidence that they are being well served by a particular market structure?

  • What kinds of internal disciplines or protocols might the Commission adopt to create a framework that might help ensure the power is used to best effect?

  • What level of information might the Commission publish about the power?

  • How will the scope of the power be defined, on an ongoing basis?

  • Are there industries that might be early targets of the powers?

  • Are there international models that could provide guidance?


Lawyers may note that if this seminar is part of your learning objectives in your CPDPR, then the seminar can count for 1 hour of your 10 CPD hours.

Queries about the event can be sent to:

Auckland - Richard Meade richard.meade@cognitus.co.nz



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