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Membership to LEANZ is $75 per annum for working people, $50 for full time students and $750 for corporate members (which allows up to 25 staff to be nominated).  Membership expires on the first day of every April after the joining date.

Renew an existing membership or make a donation

Existing memberships may be renewed, or donations may be made, by cheque, internet banking, or credit card. Please log in to the website to renew your membership.

Payment methods


Please make your cheque payable to "The Law and Economics Association of New Zealand", and send it, along with your name and email address, to:

Treasurer, LEANZ
PO Box 25492
Wellington 6146
New Zealand
Internet banking

If paying by internet banking or direct deposit, please use the following details:

Bank: Bank of New Zealand
Branch: North End, Wellington
Account number: 02-0536-0399400-00
Payee: Your full name
Payment identification number: your email address or LEANZ reference number
Credit card

Credit card payments will be processed through a secure gateway.

Terms and conditions

LEANZ is a registered charity. Membership fees do not currently qualify as a charitable donation, but any donation over and above the membership fee will be a charitable donation and we will send a charitable donation receipt so that you can claim the appropriate tax rebate.

Donations are completed gifts and cannot be refunded. Membership fees will be refunded if they have been paid in error or in duplicate. Fees for products and services such as downloadable courses will only be refunded if, owing to technical problems, there is no effective delivery of the course.

LEANZ will appear on cardholder statements for any transactions through this website and all transactions/donations will be billed in NZD dollars


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To apply for a new membership, fill in the form below and further instructions will be sent to you via email.


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