Law and Economics Association

of New Zealand, Inc.

What is LEANZ?

LEANZ’s objectives are to:

  • Promote the understanding of law and economics in New Zealand. Law and economics refers to an approach to legal (regulatory or policy) analysis which uses an economic framework focussed on efficiency of outcomes and the incentives on the subjects of the rule or policy in question. This includes an analysis of the significance of legal instruments and institutions in creating or moulding such incentives.
  • Encompass a wide range of disciplines and legal or regulatory subject areas.
  • Ensure the scholarship it promotes is relevant to current policy and regulatory debate in New Zealand.

Members of LEANZ include:

  • Lawyers;
  • Economists;
  • Policy advisers;
  • Academics;
  • Students;
  • Corporate members and donors.

LEANZ Seminars

Our monthly seminars cover topics and themes which approach legal, regulatory or policy issues using an economics framework, or specifically address the failings of such an analysis.

We foster free and open discussion and respectful debate of ideas in our seminars.

Most of our seminars are free.

Interested? Join us!

Corporate Members

LEANZ Seminar Programme


To sponsor timely seminars on central law and economics topics, to stimulate networking with industry professionals, and to encourage discussion on important topics while suiting the scheduling needs of our busy membership.


The public is welcome to attend most LEANZ Seminars to learn more about the organization or to support a particular speaker. It is expected that ongoing attendees will join LEANZ.


Most LEANZ seminars will be free, however those functions with a fee for attendance will offer a reduced rate for LEANZ members.

Continuing Professional Development

Attendance at LEANZ seminars fulfills INFINZ’s CPD requirements, provided that members advise INFINZ of their attendance. Other professional organisations may be willing to do the same – you should contact your relevant organisation to check.