Law and Economics Literature

Looking for a quick overview?

A useful summary of Law and Economics by Paul Rubin can be found in an entry in the Concise Encyclopaedia of Economics accessible online at EconLib. In a few pages the summary describes law and economics and its application to property, contract law, tort law, and criminal law.

Foundations – the articles that launched a field of enquiry

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Textbooks and other general literature

Bouckaert, Boudewijn and De Geest, Gerrit (eds.), Encyclopaedia of Law and Economics,

Baldwin, Robert, Martin Cave and Martin Lodge (2010). The Oxford Handbook of Regulation., Oxford University Press.

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Rubin, Paul H. “Law and Economics” in the Library of Economics and Liberty

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Viscusi, W. Kip, Joseph Harrington Jr. and David Sappington (2018). Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 5th edition. MIT Press.

Searching for something specific?

Try searching by topic, in Boudewijn and De Geest, Gerrit (eds.), Encyclopaedia of Law and Economics,